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Rafael Gonzalez, “Rfaspey”, is the founder of the first lodge in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego – Chile. He is the owner of “Fly Fishing Magallanes Ltda.” and has specialized in fly fishing trips for over 20 years in the Chilean /Argentinean Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego regions. He is also the Fishing Program Manager for Lakutaia Lodge. Located in Chile’s Austral Zone, Lakutaia Lodge operates the only helicopter fly fishing program in the region for the southern most trout fishing in the world. His interests include a love of helicopters, fly fishing, and environmental conservation.

Rafael González (RFA Spey)

Fly Fishing Manager | Lakutaia Lodge


Nicolas Pivcevic

CEO Lakutaia Lodge

Nicolas is a commercial helicopter pilot with a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering Management and an MBA internship from Georgetown University, USA. He is also the Business Manager for DAP Group and the Chairman of Lakutaia Lodge. In his free time he enjoys sports such as basketball, football, and adventure sports. His hobbies also include motorcycles and cars. In the last 5 years, he has been part of the Exploration Staff on Navarino Island, searching for the best trout fishing water in the world's southern most location for trout fishing.


John Land Le Coq

Lakutaia Lodge | Lodge Ambassador

John Land Le Coq has 35 years of experience shooting photography around the world. Specializing in on location production, he has shot on assignment in over 70 countries on six continents. From some of the largest cities to the most remote jungles, he has successfully produced images and branding consultation for some of the largest corporations, ad agencies and creative professionals, including; Federal express, United Parcel Service, DHL, Bank of America, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Nissan, Alamo, Levis, United Artists, Hertz, IBM, Wells Fargo, Disney, to name a few. CEO of Fishpond, Le Coq is using the brand strength to help open doors into the sphere of habitat protection.


William Kosmer

Lodge Ambassador

Bill’s passion for fly fishing and photography was set in motion at an early age by his father. He spent most of his childhood days fishing the mountain freestone streams of his home waters of North Central Pennsylvania. Since those early days, the pursuit of wild trout has become a lifestyle for Bill. Over the last 25 years, camera and fly rod in hand, he has traveled extensively to fuel his passion for pursuing wild trout in remote locations from southern Chile to Montana to the backwoods of Pennsylvania. His photos and writings have also appeared in the Drake and several newsletters and catalogs. He has given numerous presentations on his adventures and is an active member with the Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited in Harrisburg, PA, giving back to the resources he values so much. Bill is also an accomplished fly-tier and licensed guide. Lakutaia welcomes Bill as and ambassador to the Lakutaia fly fishing team.


Herb Baker

Lakutaia Lodge | Lodge Ambassador

Herb’s father fired up his interest in fishing at a very young age by giving him a fishing rod when he was barely tall enough to see over the rail his father’s boat. He has worked as a captain on southern California sport fishing boats and worked on scientific research ships in Antarctica (His favorite science operations involved “fishing for science”). He has fished several of the world’s best fly fishing destinations like New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, but Chile is his favorite destination. Herb has been fly fishing the far southern reaches of Chilean Patagonia every season for the last 10 years. Driving his SUV as far south as the roads will take him. He also assists Rafael Gonzales (Lakutaia Lodge Fly Fishing Manager) from the USA at fly fishing shows and as a USA contact person from his home in Pennsylvania.


Mike Tayloe

Lodge Ambassador | Guide

Tayloe lives and is a fly fishing guide for several outfitters in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. A self-described streamer and salt junkie, he travels as much as possible in search of the perfect streamer water. Tayloe has been a paramedic for over two decades and owns a company that provides remote medical support. This has given him the opportunity to fish all over world to include Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, New Zealand, Belize, Bahamas and Africa. Fishing with Rafael Gonzales (Lakutaia Lodge Fly Fishing manager) in Chile planted the seed to head to Cape Horn to guide and experience the incredible fly fishing opportunities it offers.


Marcelo Yañez

Lakutaia Lodge | Helicopter Pilot

Marcelo is a Chilean helicopter pilot with over 4,000 flying hours and over twenty five years of experience, mainly conducting Search and Rescue Operations throughout the Chilean National Territory, particularly in Chilean Patagonia, where he has flown the last fifteen years between its mountains and glaciers. It was during this time that he became captivated by the beauty of these southern lands and especially the fishing in the infinite and most beautiful rivers in the south. These experiences have motivated him to devote his life to flying in this part of the world.

Currently and since 2004, he has worked for DAP Helicopters, flying in the most extreme area of the world. He has piloted the remote locations of the Magallanes Region such as Cape Horn and the Antarctic territory, mainly the Weddell and Ross seas, where he has been one of the few helicopter pilots who has flown to landmarks such as the Dry Valleys Scott and Shackleton huts, Cape Adere, and the great barrier Ross sea ice.

In the last 5 years, he has devoted most of his flying hours and experience in operations in the Beagle Channel, particularly Navarino island, touring every corner of it, and looking for the best fishing of the “south” of south.


Seno Lauta W/N, Puerto Williams Cape Horn Commune
Patagonia - Chile


Rafael González Iturra
Phone: (56-61) 2321044
Cell: (56-9) 79578636