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General information

All you need to know befor you come.

    The Lodge has 220 volt 50 cycle power and takes the rounded two-prong adaptors. The Lodge has adaptors for their guests. Just ask at the Reception Desk for assistance. Telephone in the rooms and free internet access in the public areas are available.
    The lodge recommends 10% of the program rate as total tip for the guides and the lodge staff. Guides generally fish 8 hours per day. They will cater to the serious angler who fishes longer hours but it would be appreciated if guide tips would be adjusted accordingly.
    If you are entering Chile and you are bringing cash money that exceeds the USD 10.000.- or the equivalent in other currencies, even if it is in Chilean Pesos – you will have to declare it by contacting one of the employees of the National Customs Department. Hotels in Chile normally accept Chilean Pesos and American Dollars; also credit card payments are accepted, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International and Magna.
    You will need a valid passport to enter Chile. Please make sure your passport is valid for six months after the last day of your trip. Please note when clearing customs upon entering the country Chile will charge a one-time entrance fee of $130 dollars per person. Please be prepared to pay this in cash.
    All guests have the responsibility to disclose any kind of special medical, physical, or dietary needs to the Lodge ahead of time in order to facilitate a safe and enjoyable excursion. The Lodge will make every effort to ensure your safety while you are a guest at the Lodge however, outdoor activities of this nature are not entirely without risk. The Lodge also recommends investing in travel insurance.
    You will be fishing the southernmost rivers of Chilean Patagonia on Navarino Island. This outlet river for Navarino Lake is full of Brook and Brown Trout, and a small amount of Rainbow Trout. Most fly-fishing on this river is done with floating line and wet flys.
  7. LINES 
    To be well prepared for Navarino, you should include at least three lines to accommodate varying water levels and wind conditions. Floating lines are typically most useful in low water conditions. We often use floating line with polyleader as intermediate to extra fast sinking tip. A good range of sinking polyleaders is a must. For a single handed rod, 5 to 10 feet is the best choice. We recommend bringing a wading staff to safely wade these slippery bottomed rivers.

Seno Lauta W/N, Puerto Williams Cape Horn Commune
Patagonia - Chile


Rafael González Iturra
Phone: (56-61) 2321044
Cell: (56-9) 79578636